The decor elements that are worth the investment to achieve harmony in the living room

Arranging the living room can be a real challenge, for this reason, you must realistically evaluate the space and budget you have available so that the chosen furniture and decorations create a suitable setting for your tastes. In this regard, you need an overview to avoid making hasty decor decisions.

The decorative objects must be harmoniously combined if we want a unitary aspect of the living room. For this reason, planning the living room is essential in order not to omit any aspect that we wanted to include.

Before starting the actual arrangement of the living room, it is essential to establish what its role will be. Depending on your needs and those of your family, the living room can fulfill the following functions:

  • The living room is a social space where the whole family gathers in the evening to relax or to discuss various events. Also, guests or friends will be welcomed in this room for a movie night.
  • The main relaxation area in the house is the living room. The living room must be comfortable to allow us to relax after a long day at work or on weekends.
  • Because not everyone has a spacious kitchen to accommodate more guests, the living room is often used as a dining area. Thus, an extendable table, a display case for dishes, or a buffet can be preferred in the living room.
  • The living room can also host your workspace or office. If you work from home, it is obvious that you cannot organize your workspace in the bedroom, so the solution is to bring your laptop and office equipment to the living room.
  • If your house or apartment has small size, naturally every time you have guests, the living room will turn into a guest room. For this reason, the sofa in the living room should be comfortable and extendable to accommodate at least two people.

Rugs come with the benefit of quickly changing and improving the look of any room. With a well-chosen rug, you can bring unity to the decor of the room and extra style and comfort.

When choosing a living room rug, you need to consider the size of the room. Placing the carpet in the living room usually coincides with high traffic areas such as the sofa on which you will sit or the place where you will dine.

It is recommended that when you place the carpet, it should be large enough to include all the pieces of furniture or at least that the sides of the carpet should not exceed the area delimited by the sofa and armchairs.

For this relaxation area of the house, you can opt for a large carpet to cover a good part of the space and on which to place the pieces of furniture. Another option is to choose two carpets of medium or small size, which to place symmetrically in the room to highlight certain areas of the room.

In terms of color, you can bring life to your living room with a rug in bold colors or a special print. More practical and utilitarian people choose living room rugs in neutral shades of gray, brown, brown, or even black because the dust and dirt accumulated are easier to hide. If the living room withstands heavy traffic, caused by family reunions or frequent meetings with friends, you can also consider the option of neutral colors for carpets.



The carpet and the sofa


The sofa is a piece of furniture that cannot be missing from your living room. For this reason, there is a close connection between the carpet chosen for the living room and the sofa. Most people choose to match the chosen carpet with the sofa to create harmony between the two central pieces of the living room.

In order to place the carpet correctly in the living room, you will have to consider the size of the room, the configuration of the sofa, and the area for which it is intended (dining area, living area, etc.).

The type of sofa will influence the choice of carpet for the living room. The modular sofa requires a carpet of a size appropriate to this to create cohesion. If you have two sofas, it is advisable to position the carpet equidistantly, at the same distance from each sofa. And if you have a small space, the carpet must be placed in front of the sofa to make the room more spacious and visually separate the sofa from other pieces of furniture.

The recommendation for large spaces is to place the carpet under the front legs of both sofas or even to place the whole sofa on the carpet. The same goes for armchairs.

A contrast between the sofa and the carpet can give a pleasant look to the living room if you choose the right shades. If the sofa has a neutral color you can choose without care a colored carpet or vice versa. The sofa cushions can be matched with the color of the carpet, the pillows in warm or neutral colors will complete a carpet with a special print or a unique color combination.

You can use small rugs with bold patterns such as flowers or geometric patterns to add volume and space to the room. For a small living room, you can make the carpet the star of the room if you use this idea. Of course, the coffee table will not sit on the carpet in this case.

Light-colored carpets are your ally if you want to create the illusion of airy space. A fluffy white carpet for the living room will give the feeling of unity you are looking for. If you want to make the living room as comfortable and welcoming as possible, you can opt for carpets in dark colors and crowded models.

When choosing the living room rug, you can also consider the type of flooring you will place. For a floor covered with tiles, dense and soft carpets are preferable, and for a glossy floor, you can opt for thin carpets in bright colors.

These are our tips for using carpets in your living room. Choosing the perfect rug that fits perfectly in the living room can be a real challenge, but if you follow our advice carefully you will surely be successful.