Feng shui tips for better sleep.

Feng shui is a science that appeared a few thousand years ago in China, which is believed to improve the quality of life in various ways and is becoming increasingly popular in Romania.

More precisely, it is a system of interior design rules, meant to create a “positive qi” (positive energy), which can be enjoyed by the people who occupy the space.

The Huffington Post has sought the advice of a specialist in this field, as more and more people are having difficulty falling asleep or getting quality sleep. There are tricks that are easy to apply in your bedroom, which will help you sleep better.

1. When you enter the bedroom, your energy should be transformed from the restless one during the day into a restful, relaxing one. Choose relaxing colors to ensure a peaceful sleep. Green, blue and purple is relaxing for the eyes and the spirit.

2. Place the head of the bed next to a solid wall. In feng shui, this rule is called “black turtle” and refers to an energy that supports and protects you (creates a kind of barrier).

3. Bring in the bedroom elements of nature such as shells, garden stones, a potted plant. Plants naturally filter the air, removing toxins from it.

4. It is important to easily see the bedroom door when you are in bed, this brings calm and security. If you can’t place the bed in such a way that you can see the door, at least put a bell on it so that you can easily hear when someone enters the room.

5. Be careful what you put on the wall opposite the bed (this rule is called “red bird” in feng shui). Choose a painting, a sculpture, or a photo that symbolizes what you want to attract in your life.

6. Take photos of family and friends out of the bedroom and put them in more “social” rooms, such as the living room or living room. The bedroom should be a kind of sanctuary for you, your spirit, and your dreams, and the only person who can share this place with you should be your partner.

7. Electronic devices create an electromagnetic field that can cause unrest. It’s not just about the computer, TV, or music combo, but also the alarm clock. Therefore, beware of them as much as possible when it comes to sleep (it is preferable not to have any of these appliances in the bedroom).

8. Also, use the space under the bed for storing various things is a mistake in terms of feng shui principles. Things under the bed, especially if they are messy, can cause anxiety, allergies, and insomnia. Ideally, keep nothing there.

9. If you are looking for love or you want to improve the romantic side of your life, choose decorative objects that have two components, in pairs, (a candle holder with two arms, an art object with two people, two flowers), but never an object with a single “branch.”

Also, if you keep flowers in the vase, throw them away as soon as they start to wither, because plants that are dying bring negative energy.

10. Those who are already in a relationship should have duplicate objects in the room, such as lamps, for more balance.

Before going to bed, drink chamomile or mint tea, listen to a meditation guide, read something pleasant or write in a diary.