The secrets of a dream kitchen: 5 tips for interior design and functionality

Are you about to arrange your kitchen and want to create a more attractive design than you have had so far? Things are not as complicated as they seem.

All you have to do is find your inspiration and put into practice a series of simple but effective tricks.

Below, you will find some basic rules in kitchen renovation, rules that will help you get a great result, regardless of your design preferences.

Here’s what to consider when arranging your kitchen!

1. Choose a single central element

When you want to decorate the kitchen, you may be tempted to invest in a lot of special pieces, with the thought of creating something really special.

However, the advice of specialists is to focus on one central element. If you look for models of modern kitchens, you will see that they are all based on a spectacular element, which attracts the viewer’s attention and creates a story around it.

Thus, if you want to get a balanced design, choose a representative object and put it in the center of attention. It can be a large painting, placed on the kitchen wall, a special dining table, a high island with bar stools, or a refrigerator in a special shade.

Imagination is the only limit, so give yourself time to search and do not rush to complete the project as soon as possible.

2. Keep in mind the essential triangle

The designers created the concept of “triangle” of the essential spaces in a kitchen, consisting of a refrigerator, sink, and stove. They must be positioned in a triangle shape at a medium distance. If they are too close, they cannot be used by several people at the same time, and if they are too far apart, cooking will become a tedious task.

In addition, the balanced placement of the massive elements will also contribute to the design, building an orderly and well-structured look.

3. Don’t omit natural light

No matter how many LED spotlights and strips you use for kitchen lighting, don’t forget that natural light has a special charm. Moreover, it is healthy for the eyes and essential for well-being and can envelop the room in a fresh atmosphere, which inspires order, familiarity, and positivity.

Leave the space around the window free and avoid loading the windowsill with too many elements. Use a subtle curtain, which can be easily pulled to let light into the kitchen.

4. Delimit the areas with tiles

If you do not have the necessary space for a separate dining room, solve this dilemma in a very stylish way. It delimits the cooking area and the dining area through the floor.

For example, you can choose a white tile, simple, for the area where you prepare food, and an elegant tile, which mimics wood or a certain texture, for the space with table and chairs.

Combine the two types of the floor as subtly as possible, joining the pieces asymmetrically, gradually, avoiding straight and shrill lines.

5. Reserve storage space

No matter how trendy you want your kitchen to be, don’t miss out on storage space. You will need space to store dishes, utensils, and food, so don’t ignore this.

Opt for functional, simple, and elegant furniture, in which to store pots, pans, and other essential items in the kitchen. Otherwise, you will have to keep everything on the worktop, which will look permanently disorganized and crowded.

Therefore, when making choices for your kitchen, take into account both the aesthetic and the functional factors. Find a balance and design everything before you start arranging!